InMade Limited specialises in sourcing worldwide design furniture for both indoors and outdoors, lighting, and interior fittings from high-end luxury to budgeted collections gear to various project requirements. In addition, we also provide custom-made furniture and rugs for hospitality segments. Established in Hong Kong with years of expertise and experience in the field, we aspire to offer you the perfect exquisite piece you desire.

With a strong passion for art and design, we are continuously widening our seek for innovative products. Our existing product portfolio covers furniture (classic styles, modern design, commercial, office, contract, and outdoor); decorative and architectural lightings; bathroom fittings (marble tiles, stainless steel tiles); wall-coverings (curtains, decorative wallpaper, fabric-upholstered wall panels, and sculptured stone tiles); floor coverings (marble, wood, rugs); and decorative accessories and objects.

We endeavour to offer you the most convenient purchase experience through a package purchase at one spot for numerous astounding brands with competitive pricing and reliable after-sales services!

A glance of some brands though not an exhaustive list:

Feel free to contact us for more information and full list of brands!