Opionion ciatti

At Opinion Ciatti, we create design furniture and accessories including bookcases, tables, and chairs for the home, the workplace and common areas.

We work driven by the desire to put our creativity at the service of curious, clued-in, and enthusiastic people to present them with a wide range of reliable and highly personable pieces. Products that are sustainable in terms of costs and manufacturing, and whose sheer presence can personalize a space, creating a unique atmosphere.

We love the idea of creating “Spices and sauces” that add a unique flair to spaces that are usually somewhat nondescript, basic, or conventional, just as the right mix of spices and sauces can flavour a dish and regale our senses.

We do all of this without forgoing the reliability, efficiency, and ethics that have always characterized our company, with the unflinching goal of preserving our history and the determination to anticipate future needs.

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